OPI QVC TSV 8 piece Summer Envy Nailcare Collection

Hello there, this post is all about a very special set by OPI which was a Today’s Special Value on QVC last Tuesday 23/06/15. I wanted to show the swatches and give you a review of all the products.

Starting with the colours, there is the pink The Berry Thought of You. A beautiful pink creme, this is 2 coats without topcoat. The polish glides on very easily but you definitely need the 2 coats for full opacity. I’m not usually a pink girl, this has changed my mind as it is so pretty and feminine colour.

The red is called I Stop for Red, as I expect you all know (especially if you follow my Instagram page!) I adore reds. This is a creme again, a gorgeous tomato red which I think would be great in any season, I will certainly be getting a lot of wear from this one as I love having red nails. Such a classic! 2 coats, no topcoat.

When I first saw this colour I Sea You Wear OPI, I really wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, I do like blues, but I don’t tend to lean towards turquoise which this definitely is! However, when I put it on I fell in love with it straightaway. The shimmer is so bright and sparkly, this is 2 coats, I think it would be better with 3 coats for full opacity. It’s best seen in sunlight to really appreciate it. As much as I do love creme formulas I do love a glitter too! I like combining both in a manicure and I really enjoy using them like that because very often I can’t make up my mind what to wear! This is Make Light of the Situation, I doubt I would use it on it’s own as I don’t like to see my natural nail underneath but this would be beautiful over any colour in this set or any you may already have.  2 coats without topcoat.

Cool Pink Nail Envy is a new product to me, it is so pretty and very handy if you want colour and treatment in one bottle. As easy to put on as all the other colours are and covers the nail in 2 coats. I will be wearing this a lot now that I’ve got into pinks and if I want some time off polish, it’s great to be able to have a coloured option of Nail Envy.

The other products in the set are: Original Nail Envy, Avoplex Cuticle Oil and Rapid Dry Top Coat. I can’t be without Nail Envy, it’s always on my nails either as a base coat for manicures or just as a clear coat. This is why my nails are as good as they are, I would recommend it if you do have problems in your nails. I must have been using for 10 years or more.

Avoplex Cuticle Oil is a lovely rich oil with a beautiful smell of Avocado (Avocado oil is a main ingredient) I think you only need a very small amount because it is so rich so when I use it I make sure I wipe the brush on both sides, or you can overload your nails. I love oils so I slather it on as much as I can in a day!

The only product I wouldn’t use in the set is the Rapid Dry Top coat, only because I am wedded to my beloved Seche Vite. I can’t find anything else that exceeds the result so I may give it away as part of a gift for someone. I might change my mind, although I can’t say for definite lol.

The value in the set was absolutely immense, which is why I love buying from QVC as I paid under £33 for the whole collection. As Nail Envy is £19.50 and Avoplex are £16.30 respectively I think you can see it was a real bargain and I was lucky enough to be able to afford to get it this time. I will be playing with all the other colours so look out for my Instagram page lucydorling1980.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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