SBC Propolis Gel

 Hi All,

For this post I wanted to let you know of this super product from SBC that is so multi tasking it is a great to have it in your bathroom cabinet.

SBC is a salon and trade brand that is also using in training colleges throughout the country. They specialise in gel formulations which are so quick and easy to use and there are numerous gels in their range. Propolis is the most expensive gel as it is made by bees. The bees collect this resin from various tree buds and sap, it is mixed with the bees own enzymes and it is used to seal the hive against environmental elements, disease and parasites from entering the hive. It is antibacterial and antimicrobial and it is fantastic for problem skin.

I have very dry skin on my scalp and my body, I use the propolis literally head to toe. It is extremely good for all sorts of skin concerns, you can use it on spots to keep the area as clean as possible so great for teenagers who don’t want to use harsh treatments which strip their skin and make it sore. It is very soothing and as it is a gel sinks in so quickly, I tend to reapply it through the day to stop the itching of my eczema and psoriasis. I use it on my scalp, again to stop the itch but also the soreness when I may have scratched a little too much. It dries so it doesn’t leave any residue on my pillow and I wash it out in the morning.

I have also used propolis on my feet, it is good for softening hard skin and it is good for use in between toes if you have problem feet due to the antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, so if you do have dodgy trotters, give it a try! It does have quite a sweet honey-like smell to it, but don’t let that put you off it is well worth using it on any problem areas you have.

It is not the most glamorous product, but it is an essential part of my beauty kit.

SBC are doing a Todays Special Value today (27/07/15) on QVC check it out on

What are your beauty essentials? Leave me a comment

Till next time,

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