Skincare Super Duo

 Hello lovely people,

Ok so I have to write about these two fantastic products from an amazing brand called Gatineau. It’s not a brand that is extensively on the high street, it has been at QVCUK for the last 22 years and it has an excellent 80 year heritage. It’s a salon brand and they do independent clinical trials on their products so they are proven to work.

Gatineau have different ranges depending on your skincare concerns, my favourite is the wrinkle fighting Melatogenine. This is a compound the press named “The Miracle molecule” probably because they couldn’t pronounce it! There are various products within this range which you can slot into your existing routine or indeed use the whole collection. One of the wonder products is the Melatogenine Futur Plus Mask.

It is no understatement to say that this is the best mask I have ever tried. You don’t need to use a lot and you can use it in various ways which is what I think, makes it so great. For an express treatment, you can apply a thin layer all over your face (including over the eyelid and right up to the lash line) wait for 10 minutes and then remove. You can apply a thicker layer and leave for a longer period of time, remove or massage in the excess. Another way is applying a small amount over the top of your other products in the evening and sleep with it on. I very often sleep with a wee bit under my eyes (I hate the darkness and lines underneath my eyes) and I don’t find it irritating

The texture is smooth and creamy, as I said before you don’t need to use a lot to get a great result. I tend to be heavy handed with products (a dreadful habit I must get out of!) but I do find a 75ml tube lasts me quite a long time. The result of using the mask is smoothing out of lines and wrinkles, I find they really do look diminished. I was really amazed when I first used it, (due to health reasons I suffer with permanent fatigue and this really shows around my eyes) my eye area looked plumper and moisturised. It leaves your whole face baby soft.

I was extremely lucky recently and was able to buy a 200ml pot with a tube of another famous Gatineau product, their Radiance Enhancing Gommage.

Gatineau have 3 exfoliants, gommage is French for exfoliation. The Radiance Enhancing Gommage is an enzymatic mask which I hadn’t actually tried before. It’s a sticky gel consistency, you smooth a layer over your skin and massage until the texture changes from the gel to a more liquid water-like feeling. It takes a couple of minutes and then rinse it from your skin. It’s so quick and the smell is beautiful, citrussy and uplifting. Your skin is so smooth and clear afterwards and ready for any treatments or your usual routine. I was really impressed with the product, as I have got a couple of broken capillaries I am trying not to use physical exfoliants. My skin felt great and not red in the slightest. In order to get the most benefit of the mask I would definitely use the Gommage first.

These two things I would definitely recommend together, the results really are visible and very impressive.

What are your favourite treatment products? What could you not live without? Leave me a comment about what you think.

Till next time,

Lucy xxx


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